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We have been in the business of designing and manufacturing jewelry since 1984, and the addition of Orthodox jewelry to our line has made us proud to provide the Orthodox Christian with unmatched quality and service. Place an order over the phone, or visit one of the retail locations or church book stores that carry our products.


We were adding so many new items each year that our catalog was out of date by the time it was printed.  So we are shifting to an electronic catalog format.  When completed, you will be able to receive our catalog directly on your computer. To view  the on-line catalog, click the link below and the catalog should open in Microsoft word on your computer.  The catalog is not available yet, but we hope to have our new electronic catalog available soon. 

Online Catalog

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Jerusalem Cross

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Greek Orthodox Archdiocese

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OrthodoxSpecialties is a devision
 The Jewelers Workshop
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